Welcome to Adult Music Alive

Welcome to Adult Music Alive.

Adult Music Alive was first thought about in 2015 as everyone was getting older and we wanted to keep serving them but it has taken until November 2019 to get it going.

Those of you who are familiar with Youth Music Alive will hopefully find that the concept is the same just the people written about is older.

Anyone can read what AMA writes as there will no coarse language or details about what somebody is wearing or not wearing, body size and shape is also not discussed. 

Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you again soon.


The latest from Sanctuary Duo

March 13 2022

Sanctuary Duo’s latest music video is a cover of the song “Superstar”, Superstar is a song that was made popular first by Christine Milton and then by Jamelia.

The music video is the fifth Sanctuary Duo video to appear on Brittany Leo’s YouTube channel and it is good to see the team of Brittany Leo and Daniel James Johnson continuing to make music together.

AMA will continue to report on Sanctuary Duo’s music news as it comes to hand.

“My Best Hangover” is out now on Atomic

Bette Foord has released a new song for us to check out and enjoy.

It is called “My Best Hangover” and it is now available to be listened to on Atomic, Atomic has been a happy charting place for Bette and with your help “My Best Hangover” can make a good home for itself on the Atomic Twenty chart too.

The cover art of this latest single looks pretty good, and this song is produced by Alix Ewert with the two of them having previous success together on the Atomic Twenty and “My Best Hangover” should be no exception.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.

Music video to “When The Curtains Close” is released

Siobhan Cotchin fans can now watch the music video to “When The Curtains Close” anytime on YouTube.

The song can also be heard on Spotify and Apple Music with the song currently having 1,295 listens on Spotify.

So if you would like to give Siobhan your support then those are the places to do it at as every listen, purchase and view is important.

Music from Stella Prince

If you’re looking for a recording artist to like, then give Stella Prince a try.

Stella left AMA a message on Instagram with a YouTube link and so in curiosity I checked out her music, it ended up being a good decision.

Above is the music lyric video to ‘Eighteen’ and most if not, all readers here would know all about the challenges of life at that particular time, for many people school would be just months away from completion and then it is out into the big, wide world.

Even before going into the big, wide world there are car licenses to think about, relationship status to consider, final grades to strive for, the question of further education or not and so much more.

What we’ve got here is a song that is very relatable and one that has a sound that sounds comforting, it sounds pleasant, classic even and that is a good thing.

Readers can also check out Stella’s music on Spotify with the song “The Rain Might Fall” currently having a total of 132,468 listens.

AMA will continue to report on Stella’s music news as it comes to hand.

Two from two for Awaking Tyler

Awaking Tyler has the perfect record on Atomic, they have two songs on the music platform and both of the songs made the Atomic Hundred for 2022, the Atomic Hundred is when all of Atomic’s songs are ranked by points and the top 100 of them are in the Atomic Hundred

Scream” occupies No. 60 and “Live Again” occupies No. 62 on the hundred which is a great result for Tyler and his band.

“Scream” being the highest one is good for the song as it has struggled to get the same love that “Live Again” has as that song keeps on receiving surges of popularity (which it deserves).

Can Awaking Tyler make it for a third year in a row? stay tuned and find out in late 2023 when the Atomic Hundred comes around again.

The Music of Rainie Zenith

December 5 2022

Today we are checking out the music of Rainie Zenith, Rainie came to AMA’s attention as Bette Foord is a follower of what Rainie gets up to.

Rainie has a five track EP out titled “Live at the Workers Club ’22” and it runs for thirteen minutes and six seconds which is a nice length.

Above is “Pushing Thirty” and it is one of the performances that is on the EP so not only do you have the chance to hear the songs but also see them being performed.

It is a great performance, it is energetic and Rainie is very expressive in the performance, the video has great production values too.

Reading through her website, I cannot help but agree with the belief that “our differences are what make us interesting” for if we were all the same then life would be pretty boring.

Her website is nice and colourful, it is very pleasing to see and it should make people want to take a look around.

It also says that Rainie was diagnosed as having Autism late in life, this is relatable as I was diagnosed as being on the Spectrum in my early thirties and it opened up my world greatly once I understood why I am how I am, the pressure was off me so if somebody gets diagnosed as being Autistic or on the spectrum late in life, don’t take it badly, everything will be ok.

If you are a Spotify user, you can listen to the EP by clicking/tapping on this link, also available is her debut single “Reasons To Hate Me” and second single “Wet Black Dream“.

AMA will continue to report on Rainie’s music news as it comes to hand.

Bette Gets Fourteen In The Atomic Hundred

December 3 2022

An artist on Atomic would be happy if one of their songs makes the Atomic Hundred for this year and Bette Foord had the same thoughts as a lot of great artists had good runs on the Atomic chart throughout the year and nothing was certain.

Bette got a massive surprise when fourteen of her songs were played between 60th and 100th, imagine that 14% of the list all to yourself which may annoy people for having so much but you’re there because you put yourself in the running to be there.

Last year, artists recommended to try Atomic by YMA or AMA (Ms. Elly, Jaycob Riley, Molly Ash, Bette Foord, Awaking Tyler and Tamsin Otway) and combined for eleven songs in the one hundred, Bette matched that all by herself and more.

Bette’s success is proof that if dedicated fans keep coming back to Atomic to stream her music, to like the songs or purchase them then success is going to happen.

Today (December 3) is International Day of People With Disabilities (IDPWD), this is a day that is really important to Bette.

Lastly her latest single, “Sometimes, I Hate My Body” was spotlighted by Atomic making more people aware of the song and also being aware of Dysautonomia.

Cassidy-Rae’s Top 6 Original Music Videos (November 2022)

November 8 2022

We had taken a look at Cassidy-Rae Wilson’s music videos back in November 2021 to see how they were going.

We then looked again in March 2022 to see how things were and we’re back to take a look at how well they are going in November 2022.

Cheers Y’all has moved up from 106,314 views to 107,095 views so it has advanced almost a thousand views since March this year to retain its No. 1 position.

“More” was at 103,031 views in March and it has moved up to 103,284 since then which is a small number but hopefully it will pick up again soon.

“Just Smile” had 86,529 views in March and now it has 86,753 views so it hasn’t moved a whole lot in recent months.

“I’m On Vacation” had 75,121 views in March and is now at 75,878 so it’s picked up a could of hundred views and should be into the seventy-six thousand range or higher next March.

“Cheers Y’all (Acoustic)” was not added last time probably because the main version is already in the Top 6 but we’ve added it for this count.

It currently has 63,268 views and we’ll see how it goes in March 2023.

“Dose of You” had 60,885 views and it now has 61,251 views so it has picked up a couple of hundred views.

This year’s releases “Amazing” and the lyric video for “Damn It Feels Right” sit ninth and fourteenth on the all time list.

So this is how everything stands in November 2022, anything can happen between now and March 2023 and hopefully it is all good things.

Bette’s New Song Brings Awareness To Dysautonomia

October 27 2022

Bette Foord has released a new song titled “Sometimes I Hate My Body (Dysautonomia Awareness)”.

This new song comes four months after the release of “Molly’s Song” and as the title says the song brings awareness to Dysautonomia, something that few of us may have heard about until now.

According to Google it refers to a disorder of autonomic nervous system (ANS) function that generally involves failure of the sympathetic or parasympathetic components of the ANS, but dysautonomia involving excessive or overactive ANS actions also can occur.

Hopefully this song has a one-two punch and put Bette back on the Atomic Top Twenty Countdown and raise awareness at the same time.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.

Verona releases “Fortress”

Verona Rose this week released on YouTube her new song “Fortress”.

It is Verona’s first music release in over a year, her previous music video was “Overthinking” in December 2020 and that one has over 1,200 views.

“Fortress” was recorded live at 129 and it is Verona’s childhood home and the birthplace of her love of music and creativity and it is always good to see such places as they are where life journeys start from.

It is great to see this new recording, Verona has released a lot of good music over the last couple of years and it is always good to write about it.

AMA will continue to report on Verona’s music news as it comes to hand.