Cassidy-Rae’s Top 6 Original Music Videos (November 2022)

November 8 2022

We had taken a look at Cassidy-Rae Wilson’s music videos back in November 2021 to see how they were going.

We then looked again in March 2022 to see how things were and we’re back to take a look at how well they are going in November 2022.

Cheers Y’all has moved up from 106,314 views to 107,095 views so it has advanced almost a thousand views since March this year to retain its No. 1 position.

“More” was at 103,031 views in March and it has moved up to 103,284 since then which is a small number but hopefully it will pick up again soon.

“Just Smile” had 86,529 views in March and now it has 86,753 views so it hasn’t moved a whole lot in recent months.

“I’m On Vacation” had 75,121 views in March and is now at 75,878 so it’s picked up a could of hundred views and should be into the seventy-six thousand range or higher next March.

“Cheers Y’all (Acoustic)” was not added last time probably because the main version is already in the Top 6 but we’ve added it for this count.

It currently has 63,268 views and we’ll see how it goes in March 2023.

“Dose of You” had 60,885 views and it now has 61,251 views so it has picked up a couple of hundred views.

This year’s releases “Amazing” and the lyric video for “Damn It Feels Right” sit ninth and fourteenth on the all time list.

So this is how everything stands in November 2022, anything can happen between now and March 2023 and hopefully it is all good things.


Bette’s New Song Brings Awareness To Dysautonomia

October 27 2022

Bette Foord has released a new song titled “Sometimes I Hate My Body (Dysautonomia Awareness)”.

This new song comes four months after the release of “Molly’s Song” and as the title says the song brings awareness to Dysautonomia, something that few of us may have heard about until now.

According to Google it refers to a disorder of autonomic nervous system (ANS) function that generally involves failure of the sympathetic or parasympathetic components of the ANS, but dysautonomia involving excessive or overactive ANS actions also can occur.

Hopefully this song has a one-two punch and put Bette back on the Atomic Top Twenty Countdown and raise awareness at the same time.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.

Verona releases “Fortress”

Verona Rose this week released on YouTube her new song “Fortress”.

It is Verona’s first music release in over a year, her previous music video was “Overthinking” in December 2020 and that one has over 1,200 views.

“Fortress” was recorded live at 129 and it is Verona’s childhood home and the birthplace of her love of music and creativity and it is always good to see such places as they are where life journeys start from.

It is great to see this new recording, Verona has released a lot of good music over the last couple of years and it is always good to write about it.

AMA will continue to report on Verona’s music news as it comes to hand.

An interview with Bette Foord

We caught up with Bette Foord over the last couple of weeks to talk about her success on Atomic, the importance of fan support, her upcoming shows and more.

Today (May 7) was a big day for you, you scored your first No. 1 song on Atomic, tell us all about that moment.

Yes! Holy shit! Haha I’m beyond happy. I’m completely over the moon. A goal of mine, earlier in the year, was to get in the top 5, and then the top 3. I hoped & dreamed but never exprcted to get number 1! It’s just…ah, a dream come true! Truly. I can’t thank my supporters, enough.

You ended up having six of the songs that made up the Top 20, did you feel like one of The Beatles with such success?

Hahaha I think if I agreed to that, Ringo & Paul would kick my arse haha.
I felt incredibly lucky & very supported.

How important is it for your family and fans to come to Atomic and sign up to give your songs a listen, a like, a repost and hopefully make a purchase or two as well?

As it’s important to me – I hope it’s important to them, too! They always support me and I really appreciate it. It makes me so happy when someone tells me they’re listening/buying my songs on Atomic.

Every week you inch closer towards getting the Radium award from Atomic, what would it feel like to be awarded one in the future?

O my gosh, I would just be over the moon. The fact that even one person enjoys my music makes me happy but to get so much support to reach RADIUM!? Oof, I think I’d pass out with happiness haha.

You’ve got a busy month ahead of you with a stack of shows to perform including ones where you are performing for a good cause, tell us all about them

Yes, I do! I’m “Going Pink” all June for National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise funds and awareness of Breast Cancer. I’m performing at a few venues around Melbourne and some virtual gigs (in my vintage pink nightgowns which perfectly match my pink hair! Haha). I actually originally dyed my hair pink a few years ago when I first fundraised for NBCF when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Mum is doing well & is also a musician so it seemed only fitting to fundraise by performing considering mum is a performer, too!

Check out Bette’s NBCF page below for more information on her upcoming fundraising performances and you can make a donation there too.

Join Atomic for free by visiting and then search for Bette to give her songs a like, a repost and a listen and if you like to make a purchase to help keep Bette on the chart.

Cassidy-Rae’s Top 6 Original Music Videos (March 2022)

March 10 2022

We taken a look at Cassidy-Rae Wilson’s music videos back in November 2021 to see how they were going.

Now we’re in March 2022 and we’re taking a look at how well they are going with the Top 6 again based on view totals with the list going from No. 1 to No. 6 followed by a look at “Amazing” which is the most recent music video.

No. 1 is “Cheers Y’all” and this song delivered Cassidy-Rae her second 100,000+ view video, this music video is unique as it does have fan participation in it, a lot of fan participation as you will see.

This music video was 93 views away from the 106,000 views range and it has made it there and now sits at 106,314.

“More” was the first Cassidy-Rae music video to reach 100,000 views and this song is considered to be beautiful as the word was used seventeen times in YouTube comments.

Last time we checked it was 102 views away from reaching 103,000 views and it has reached that mark and sits at 103,031 views to comfortably sit at No. 2.

“Just Smile” came along in November 2015 and it has 86,529 views at this present time so it has less than 15,000 to go to reach 100,000 views.

“Just Smile” has the second highest amount of Thumbs Up ratings out of the six music videos shown today.

Smiling is considered contagious so if you need to be cheered up, this music video may do that for you.

“I’m On Vacation” was a 2020 release and this music video tells the story of office life and that vacation is just a doorway away from happening and in Cassidy-Rae’s case it did happen.

The song currently has 75,121 views at this time of writing so it has passed three quarters of the way to entering triple figures and now all that is left is the climb to 100,000.

“Dose Of You” comes in at No. 5 in the Top 6 with a current total of 60,885 views.

This video is known for its twist at the end, if you haven’t seen it before Cassidy-Rae is waiting for someone to come but is it the person or what that person has that Cassidy-Rae wants? Check it out.

Coming in at No. 6 is “Meant To Be” and this one has 58,989 views so it should cross into the 59,000 range within days.

This video out of the six has the highest total of Thumbs Up ratings with six hundred and forty-three.

Most recent music video “Amazing” has just over 32,000 views and it premiered on February 19 2022 so it is most likely still making its way to Cassidy’s many fans and should make it into the Top 6 in the near future.

We’ll check back in three to six months to see if the Top 6 has changed.

Two in the Top Five for Bette

March 2 2022

Bette Foord continues to enjoy having her songs on the Atomic Top 20 with four of her songs making the chart this week.

Those four songs are The Snapchat Song, Father’s Day, You Know Me and Rowing On The Lake.

“Rowing On The Lake” at No. 3

Rowing On The Lake” is the highest place song as it holds No. 3 on the chart, followed by “You Know Me” at No. 5, “Father’s Day” is charting at No. 16 and “The Snapchat Song” is right behind at No. 17.

These songs and the full Atomic Top 20 are heard daily on Atomic Radio at 5pm and 10pm NSW time plus the Top 20 is played on FM radio stations that air the Top 20 on their stations.

Click on the above links and give each song a listen, just the one will do and if you want to join Atomic to give the song a like and a repost then please do so to give the songs extra support.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.

“Live Again” returns to Top 20

February 9 2022

Awaking Tyler’s “Live Again” is living once again in the Atomic Top 20.

The song that appeared in the Atomic 100 in 2021 continues to rack up the listens and the points to be heard on Atomic Radio and on the FM stations across Australia that carry the Atomic Top 20.

Atomic’s rules allows an artist to have their original music chart no matter how old the song is and that is why the song is on the chart long after its release

The song has staying power and deserves its place on the chart and it will be interesting to see how many times it can get on to it.

Awaking Tyler’s second single “Scream” has also been in the Top 20 in the past and hopefully it will grace the Top 20 again in the near future as well as any future releases by the band.

AMA will continue to report on Awaking Tyler’s music news as it comes to hand.

Bette’s Chart Comeback

January 20 2022

Last week it looked like Bette Foord’s run in the Atomic Top 20 was coming to a close as the majority of her songs made their exit from the chart after a couple of strong weeks there.

This week was a different story as we saw her songs make a comeback with three songs making it and those five songs and their positions now occupying spots are below;

Sh*tty Leaders at #17
Daddy at #19
Queen Daddy at #20

On the outside looking in is The Garden, Wear A Mask and “Dirty Talk” but they come back next week depending on the level of fan support and the generally curious who click on the links to give the songs a play.

Bette got to experience her songs being played on Atomic earlier this week and the experience was recorded on Instagram and you could so clearly see Bette’s delight as she hears her songs being introduced and played to people online and in four Australian states.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.

Cherelle releases “Without You”

January 18 2022

Cherelle this week has released her latest single titled “Without You”.

The song has had a great start on Atomic with five member listens, five likes and two reposts to go along with some purchases.

The song is a contender to make it on to the Atomic Top 20 and the chances of it making it will increase if you click/tap on this link and give the song a play, joining Atomic as a member and giving the song a like and a repost will also help the song out.

Cherelle has had great success on the chart with several songs charting over the last year and a good run for “Without You” can help it out when it comes to the Atomic 100 which will be held later this year.

Those of you who like to use Spotify can listen to the song by clicking/tapping on this link and it will take you there.

AMA will continue to report on Cherelle’s music news as it comes to hand.

A Quarter of the Countdown for Bette

December 23 2021

Bette Foord has now occupied a quarter of the Atomic Countdown.

Positions four through to eighth are now in order occupied by The Garden, Wear A Mask, Dirty Talk, Daddy and Queen Daddy.

Listeners of Atomic can hear the songs at least twice a day as the Countdown is replayed at 5pm and 10pm ADST plus all of the songs are on Atomic’s rotation of music so you never know how many times you’ll get Bette’s songs.

There is one more Countdown edition before the end of the year and then all roads lead to 2022 and eventually the Atomic 100 in the last quarter of the year where Bette can end up on if the support continues the way it has so far.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.