Bette’s Atomic Success

December 13 2021

Bette Foord is having a great run on the Atomic Countdown at this present time.

How good is Bette doing at the moment? Bette’s songs occupy almost a quarter of the twenty spots on the Countdown so listeners on Tuesday night can tune in to Atomic Music Australia on the MyTuner Radio App, use their website or listen on Atomic’s website at either 5pm or 10pm ADST to find out where Bette has landed on the charts for this week.

Fans can help the songs rise up or maintain their position on the chart by listening to each of the songs once and they can sign up for a free Atomic account to purchase a copy of any of Bette’s songs as well as giving the songs a like and a repost by pressing on those two options.

Below are links to seven of Bette’s songs that are available on Atomic, please note you will need to use Microsoft Edge to listen to Dirty Talk for some quirky reason but that issue is getting looked at.

Queen Daddy
Wear A Mask
Sh*tty Leaders
The Garden
Dirty Talk
Auld Lang Syne

There’s more too, you can listen to Bette’s Christmas album on Atomic too so there is plenty of Bette to listen to on Atomic.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.


Cherelle returns to Atomic Countdown

December 8 2021

December is well and truly here and we should always have some cheer during this month to away with the stresses of getting the perfect Christmas lunch and the right presents.

The good news is that Cherelle has brought some Christmas cheer by releasing “Dear Santa“.

“Dear Santa” has also been released on Atomic and her efforts have been rewarded with the song entering the Atomic Countdown chart at No. 15.

Cherelle has had great times on the Atomic Countdown with her 2021 efforts being rewarded with three entries in the Atomic 100 that celebrated the one hundred most popular songs on Atomic over the course of the year.

Fans and the generally curious can help Cherelle out and get some good music in at the same time for themselves by just clicking on the “Dear Santa” link at the beginning of this piece and playing the song just the once (plus more for your own enjoyment), doing this will help propel the song up the Atomic Countdown chart.

AMA will continue to report on Cherelle’s news as it comes to hand.

Bette Foord Charts on Atomic

November 30 2021

Bette Foord has made it on to the Atomic Countdown chart with two songs making it on to the Independent chart that showcases the Top 20 songs on Atomic.

“Dirty Talk” is the lead song with the song hitting No. 6 on the chart and right behind it is “The Garden” that occupies No. 7.

Having two songs on the chart is fantastic for Bette and there’s every chance that those songs will climb up higher the order and perhaps her other songs will join the Atomic Countdown party in the near future.

You can listen to all seven of Bette’s songs by clicking on the links and pressing play, this action helps Bette as one play of each song from a person gives her a Countdown Point and those points are vital for chart position.

The Garden
Sh*tty Leaders
Wear A Mask
Queen Daddy
Auld Lang Syne
Dirty Talk

With the Atomic 100 coming to an end, the Atomic Countdown will take back its air space with that Bette’s songs playing alongside the other eighteen songs on stations in Victoria and NSW.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.

Molly’s Atomic Success

November 18 2021

Molly Ash made it on to the Atomic 100 in 2020 with her song “Daisies” and fans hoped that she would make it on to the Atomic 100 again in 2021.

For those who don’t know, the Atomic 100 is an end of year chart that calculates all the sales, streams, likes, reposts and comments etc. on the Atomic music platform and those figures help shape the Atomic 100.

The good news is that Molly did indeed make it onto the Atomic 100 again with “Daisies” once again gracing the end of year chart but she also has a second song on the list too with “Tried To Love You” reaching No. 56.

Can “Daisies” make it on to the Atomic 100 for a third year? Could three or even all four songs enter the Atomic 100 in 2022?

You can help by visiting and playing once every couple of weeks Molly’s songs, you can further help by creating an Atomic account and giving each song a like, a repost and leaving a comment, all four song links are below.

Tried To Love You
Beautiful Smile
Believing in Love Again

AMA will continue to report on Molly’s music news as it comes to hand.

Cassidy-Rae’s Top 6 Original Music Videos (November 2021)

November 16 2021

We’re taking a look at Cassidy-Rae’s Top 6 music videos on YouTube based on view totals.

No. 1 is “Cheers Y’all” and this song delivered Cassidy-Rae her second 100,000+ view video, this music video is unique as it does have fan participation in it, a lot of fan participation as you will see.

This music video will soon move into the 106,000 views range as it requires just 93 more views at this time of writing.

“More” was the first Cassidy-Rae music video to reach 100,000 views and this song is considered to be beautiful as the word was used seventeen times in YouTube comments.

It is 102 views away from reaching 103,000 views and that number will continue to grow with time.

“Just Smile” came along in November 2015 and it is approaching 86,500 views at this present time.

“Just Smile” has the second highest amount of Thumbs Up ratings out of the six music videos shown today.

Smiling is considered contagious so if you need to be cheered up, this music video may do that for you.

“I’m On Vacation” was a 2020 release and this music video tells the story of office life and that vacation is just a doorway away from happening and in Cassidy-Rae’s case it did happen.

The song currently has 74,706 views at this time of writing so it is almost three quarters of the way to entering triple figures and it should reach 75,000 soon.

“Dose Of You” comes in at No. 5 in the Top 6 with a current total of 60,648 views.

This video is known for its twist at the end, if you haven’t seen it before Cassidy-Rae is waiting for someone to come but is it the person or what that person has that Cassidy-Rae wants?

Coming in at No. 6 is her most recent music video titled “Meant To Be” and this one has 32,371 views after one month of being online so today is Happy One Month Release Day as it was released on October 17 and it is November 17.

This video out of the six has the highest total of Thumbs Up ratings with six hundred and twenty-eight.

We’ll check back in three to six months to see if the Top 6 has changed, it is likely as “Amazing” doesn’t have a music video and “Meant To Be” is still reasonably fresh on YouTube.

Introducing Bette Foord to AMA

November 15 2021

Bette Foord is a person who has many interests in life and is a big hearted person who is very smart, is quite caring about people and supports a wide variety of issues and people.

Bette describes herself as a YouTuber, a musician, a vocal tutor, spoonie and a Pin-Up enthusiast and the latter gives people a good look at something that has endured since the nineteenth century.

But this report is about her music and Bette has made quite a lot of music with listeners able to hear it in a wide variety of locations.

Bette is on all the big places like Apple Music, Spotify, Triple J UnEarthed and SoundCloud plus Bette has TikTok, Twitter and even a Patreon as Bette strives towards building up her music career and as you know a music career takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of money and a lot of good equipment.

One person who has helped teach Bette about music in the past is Jamie Redfern, he was on popular TV show Brian and the Juniors in the late 1960’s, was an original member of Young Talent Time in 1971, toured countries with Liberace post Young Talent Time, he was voted King of Pop in 1974 (TV Week Award) and was a hit maker with The Wiggles with Hot Poppin’ Popcorn among other things.

Bette has twelve singles and on EP on Apple Music so there’s no shortage of music to choose from and they all have a variety of topics too.

Bette’s most recent video is a cover of Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” and it is a special song to Bette as that feeling is that exactly what Bette is feeling due to a life change.

A recent original music video of Bette’s is “Front Door” and you can see it above, if you are a YouTube member consider giving it a like.

The song runs for four minutes and sixteen-seconds and it has fantastic audio and visual quality so you can see how much Bette is into music

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.

Atomic’s Countdown is mobbed by Mobbs’ songs

October 4 2021

Toby Mobbs’ fans love it when he puts his songs on Atomic and that love is evident is when he amasses large amounts of Countdown Points.

His fans buy his songs, listens to them, gives them a like and leaves a comment on each one with each act building up his points totals to amounts that few if anybody else at all has encountered before.

Toby currently has four songs in the Atomic Countdown and that is twenty percent of the total, it could remind some people of the 1960’s when The Beatles used to dominate the Hot 100 in the United States.

Toby doesn’t do all his songs alone, he recorded “Just One Thing” with Asha Bright who is a No. 1 hit maker on Atomic herself and “All; Right Now” was done with artists such as ‘IVA, Asha, Chris Miller, Joel William Harrison, Jordsi and Nick Keogh.

Vibe PRM recently sent out an email containing an interview with Toby and that helped boost his Atomic numbers even higher so you know that when something regarding Toby is released to the world, his fans pay attention and then act.

AMA will continue to report on Toby’s music news as it comes to hand.

Cassidy-Rae’s Hits

September 27 2021

Cassidy-Rae has had a great 2021 even with all the COVID lockdowns that have restricted her ability to get out there and impress people with her music in person .

“Cheers Y’All” reached over 100,000 views and became her most watched music video when it passed “More” which has just over 102,000 views, the song has just over 88,000 plays on Spotify.

“Dose Of You” came along and it has picked up 60,300+ views which is good enough for fifth on her all time most viewed list of music videos, it also has just over 54,000 plays on Spotify.

Next came “Meant To Be” and this song has graced the charts of several countries showing that Cassidy-Rae has international interest and enough people to secure at least for a short amount a time a place on music charts.

“Meant To Be” has recorded just over 23,000 plays on Spotify.

A music video for ” Meant To Be” is in the works and this video could land anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 views or even higher, it may also result in a boost of music sales or streams which is always good news.

AMA will continue to report on Cassidy-Rae’s music news as it comes to hand.

Cherelle Returns to the Countdown

July 14 2021

Cherelle’s videos on YouTube are doing well with her latest one “Never Again” going past 500 views.

But there is more good news for Cherelle as her song “Wanna Be Friends” is back on the Atomic Countdown.

Wanna Be Friends” is currently No. 18 on the chart and it can go even higher based on fan participation.

This participation can be listening to the song once a week or joining Atomic to give the song a like, a repost and leaving one comment all of which deliver Cherelle all important Countdown Points, you can find the song by clicking on the above link.

You can also hear the Atomic Countdown at 10pm AEST most nights of the week with a new Countdown airing every Tuesday.

AMA will continue to report on Cherelle’s music news as it comes to hand.

The Music of TAMS/N

July 2 2021

TAMS/N OTWAY is an artist who is pretty much everywhere.

Spotify, Triple J Unearthed, Apple Music, TikTok, YouTube and now Atomic has the music of TAMS/N OTWAY available to listen to at anytime.

You“, “I’m Alright” and “Fallen Angel” can all be listened to on Atomic just by clicking on those links and if you create an Atomic account you can help TAMS/N achieve something special, reach the Atomic Countdown.

Every song on Atomic gets Countdown Points, so if you listen to the song once, that’s a point and if you got an Atomic account you can login (or create one) and give one of the three songs a like, that’s five points per song and if you give the song a repost that’s five points and then you leave a comment so that is an additional five points.

Sharing the link of a song and somebody clicking on it is also worth some points too so you could give TAMS/N a stack of points with a minimal amount of effort and everyone wins.

The points are counted up every Sunday and the Top 20 go into the Atomic Countdown, it is first played on Atomic Radio and then the show is played on FM stations across Victoria over the course of the week plus replayed on Atomic Radio.

So fans and the generally curious have a fantastic opportunity to create something good happen and all it takes is just a couple of minutes of time.

AMA will continue to report on TAMS/N’s music news as it comes to hand.