Aria Taylor’s ‘Sunset Park’

June 11 2020

Aria Taylor has released on YouTube the music video to her new song ‘Sunset Park’.


The new music video goes for three minutes and eighteen seconds and shows Aria moving around a very nice park with very few people in it which is good when you want to make a music video.

The music video is described to having no budget and is shot with an iPhone but that’s not an issue because unless you’re doing a live performance you don’t have to worry about ambient sound and you don’t need to make an epic music video if the music is good.

This music video should do well for Aria, she is well liked and there’s a high probability that hundreds if not thousands (or more) of views will be achieved for the music video.

AMA will continue to report on Aria’s music news as it comes to hand.



The ‘My Favourite Song’ Package

May 27 2020

Alyssa Trahan’s fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to her song ‘My Favourite Song’.

You’ve got the official music video to take a look at, the video is doing well as it is approaching 1,000 views and hopefully it will grow rapidly.

You’ve also got a short Behind the Scenes video to take a look at.

There’s also an acoustic version if you prefer an acoustic version of the song, a fun fact it only runs two seconds longer than the official music video .

You’ve also got the opportunity to watch the making of video.

Last but not least there is also a lyric version of the song if watching the lyrics on screen is something you need to do.

These five videos will no doubt satisfy the biggest of Alyssa’s fans and give potential fans great insight into her work.

AMA will continue to report on Alyssa’s music news as it comes to hand.

Maddie releases ‘Be Kind’

May 26 2020

Maddie Wilson has a new music video out for her fans and the generally curious to check out.

The new music video is a cover of Marshmello & Halsey’s ‘Be Kind’ and has a running time of three minutes and six seconds.

This video is of high quality which is the standard for all of Maddie’s releases so nobody will find a problem with the quality of the video.

‘Be Kind’ currently has over 3,000 views and a Thumbs Up rating of 97.63% out of 254 ratings, all of Maddie’s videos do have a high number of satisfied viewers and it is usually above 95%.

Maddie’s 2020 releases have so far been seen 19,017 times at an average of 4,754.25 views per video.

AMA will continue to report on Maddie’s music news as it comes to hand.

Introducing Ms Elly

May 12 2020

I’ve known Ms Elly for awhile now but I haven’t had the opportunity to write about her music until today.

Her music journey started at a young age and in 2016 she started recording her music for the world to hear.

Ms Elly’s inspirations are governed by her real life journeys so listeners hear lyrics that can be relatable to people.

Her YouTube channel is doing well with 1,500+ subscribers and there are eight videos to choose from including the one you saw earlier in this piece titled ‘Just Another Day’.

She also has her music on the site Jango which you could visit anytime by clicking on here.

AMA will continue to report on Ms Elly’s music news as it comes to hand.

Technology saves Mother’s Day Classic

May 11 2020

Brittany Leo usually spends Mother’s Day performing at the Mother’s Day Classic but what happens if the event couldn’t be done live and outside? they done it with the performers online.

So Brittany got to perform at the event she loves to perform at year after year and she delivered a rendition of ‘Ain’t Nobody’ which was made famous by the American funk band called Rufus with American singer Chaka Khan.

This performance is a rendition of a version that was done by Jasmine Thompson and it comes in at a nice two-minutes and fifty-seven seconds.

‘Ain’t Nobody’ is only Brittany’s second music video for the year and hopefully we will see more as the year progresses.

Previous release ‘Don’t Start Now‘ has just over 400 views and hopefully it will get to 500 in the not too distant future.

AMA will continue to report on Brittany’s music news as it comes to hand.

Alyssa sings ‘Strawberry Wine’

April 19 2020

Alyssa Trahan’s latest music video on YouTube is a rendition of Deana Carter’s ‘Strawberry Wine’.

This music video runs for four minutes and forty-two seconds with the quality of the video excellent.

Fans and the generally curious who have voted on it so far give it a 99% approval rating.

Meanwhile the music video ‘Memories Not Dreams‘ is approaching 2,500 views and it should get there within the week.

The lyric video for ‘My Favourite Song‘ is approaching 6,000 views and should get there in a short period of time.

AMA will continue to report on Alyssa’s music news as it comes to hand.

Ivana records another 100k video

April 9 2020

Ivana Raymonda’s run of success on YouTube continues as ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ has walked on past the 100,000 view milestone.

This music video is an indoor production and the use of green or blue screen actually has a bonus because in the background you’ll see a pair of boots walking on their own.

Ivana’s fans are pleased with the music video with many praising the sound while others have paid attention to the boots.

Meanwhile previous music video ‘All Time High’ is closing in on 100,000 views as it currently sits on 98,006 views.

Seven out of her last ten music videos have made it to 100,000 views or higher which must be pleasing for Ivana and she recently passed 108,000 subscribers.

AMA will continue to report on Ivana’s music news as it comes to hand.

Sophie’s two new music videos.

April 8 2020

Sophie Miriam’s fans and the generally curious have two new music videos on YouTube to check out.

The first is a cover of the song ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ which was made popular by the late Bill Withers and it runs at two minutes and twenty-two seconds.

The second is ‘Daydreams’ and it is cover of a song by Maisie Peters and it is the longer of the two music videos that are available to view.

Both music videos are presented in excellent video and sound quality so everyone should be happy with what they see and hear.

Sophie is approaching 300 subscribers on YouTube and hopefully she makes it to that milestone sooner rather than later as she is a talented artist who deserves more attention to her performances.

AMA will continue to report on Sophie’s music news as it comes to hand.

Emm Cee’s stack of music

March 22 2020

Emm Cee has been busy in the last couple of days by releasing four music videos on YouTube for her fans and the generally curious to check out.

The four music videos are covers of songs by different artists from different decades whose music specialty are of different genres.

Three of the performances are with an acoustic guitar and one is one the keyboard so there is additional variety in the mix which will please those who want plenty of variety instead of artists covering the A to Z of a particular artist.

All music videos have great sound and video quality so viewers should have no trouble with the videos.

AMA will continue to report on Emm Cee’s music news as it comes to hand.

Casey sings Easy

March 17 2020

The latest music video from Casey Chilcott was released on YouTube recently and it is a rendition of Camila Cabello’s ‘Easy’.

This video is Casey’s third video in the last month so fans and the generally curious have plenty of options when they want to see her sing songs.

As usual the quality of the video is very high with singing easy to hear and you can see everything in great detail.

It is puzzling that Casey’s videos don’t get a whole lot of views despite several hundred subscribers, hopefully that will change for the better in the near future as people are missing out on a hard working, talented performer.

AMA will continue to report on Casey’s music news as it comes to hand.