Black Sheep brings in the views

January 17 2019

Maddie Wilson’s latest music video which is titled ‘Black Sheep’ is about to enjoy its first full week on YouTube.

The video has 1,836 views at this time of writing and it is only a short matter of time before it jumps over the 2,000 view mark.

This video is made to Maddie’s high standards of quality from the sound to the video, everything is nice and sharp.

248 YouTube users have so far rated the music video with 99.59% of viewers giving it a Thumbs Up which is excellent to see.

One attention grabbing part of the song is that Maddie sings the first two lines of the popular children’s song ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ at the end of her song and it is sung in a way different to what we used to hear in school and it actually sounds good.

Another interesting part is that you will see a drawing take shape throughout the song and you will be impressed by the end product.

AMA will continue to report on Maddie’s music news as it comes to hand.

Right direction for Wrong Direction

January 13 2019

Sophie Miriam’s latest cover music video has her giving her best shot at Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘Wrong Direction’.

This music video has been made with excellent video and sound quality allowing fans and the generally curious to get the best possible enjoyment from the viewing experience.

So far 95% of those who have given the rendition a rating have given it a Thumbs Up which is always great to see.

‘Wrong Direction’ appears to have been an excellent song choice for Sophie as it has over 600 views and is climbing up the list of Sophie’s most watched music videos.

AMA will continue to report on Sophie’s music news as it comes to hand.

‘Without You’ heading towards 100k views

January 8 2019

It has been just under a week since Ivana Raymonda released ‘Without You’ on YouTube and it is on its way to six figures.

At this moment of time, the video has a total of 92,000+ views and this number is expected to get much higher as Ivana is currently enjoying a four month run of videos that have over 200,000 views apiece.

As usual, this video is done with excellent video quality as well as sound quality and that is something everyone should expect from one of Ivana’s productions.

AMA will continue to report on Ivana’s music news as it comes to hand.

Looking back and then forward

January 8 2019

It is amazing to see that it has been three years since Alexa released the music video for her song ‘Skin Deep’.

Firstly, it doesn’t feel like it has been three years but the stats don’t lie, it has been three years since the video came out and it so far has over 3,300 views.

Alexa is now a yoga teacher as well as being in Social Media Marketing for Wellness which is something important for millions of people around the world.

She still sings as people have seen on her social media videos which is always good to see as she can sing really well.

Her Instagram account (alexarachelyoga) is followed by 3,500+ people and businesses etc which is a great number and if you ever want to know how flexible the human body can get then it is the place for you.

Hopefully one day she’ll make a new YouTube video displaying her but if that doesn’t happen then there is always all the yoga videos to watch and learn from.

Sophie covers ‘Everything I Wanted’

December 4 2019

Sophie Miriam’s latest cover music video sees her having a go at covering Billie Eilish’s “Everything I Wanted”.

Sophie’s fans and the generally curious should be pleased with this release as it has been recorded with excellent video and audio quality and with great care as well.

Comments on YouTube are positive with praise given to her vocals which are described as being lovely and very pretty.

The music video runs for four minutes so it is perfect for those who need a song to fill in a spare five minutes.

This is the fourth music video from Sophie in the last month and that’s not a bad thing because fans get to see her on a regular basis and it also helps with artist visibility and seeing her interpretations of different songs.

AMA will continue to report on Sophie’s music news as it comes to hand.

Maddie’s new music video is doing well

November 26 2019

Maddie Wilson released a new cover music video this week for her fans and the generally curious to check out.

The new song is called “Show Me a Harbour” and this one is a personal one for Maddie as her friend Ben Hoogenband wrote the song with Sue Rodgers Conway.

It is not the first time Maddie has recorded something of Ben’s with “Better Days” also being a song recorded by Maddie.

The just over three and a half minute music video is made to Maddie’s usual high standards of audio and visual quality.

The video has almost total approval by viewers with 99.24% of the 225 viewers who voted on YouTube giving it a Thumbs Up rating.

AMA will continue to report on Maddie’s music news as it comes to hand.

‘Throwback’ keeps going forward

November 19 2019

Cassidy-Rae’s music video to “Throwback” has been on YouTube for just under three weeks and it is doing alright.

It has been rated 50 times and has an approval rating of 95% which must be pretty satisfying as you can’t do much better¬†than that when it comes to public approval.

The music video is a very interesting video, there is a lot of different locations there, there is some age progression and there a bit of dancing of the classic, tender kind too among other things.

A lot of effort appears to have been put into the music video and hopefully production was as fun as it looks.

It is highly likely that time will reward Cassidy-Rae with viewing totals of ‘Throwback’ being in the tens of thousands or higher.

“Throwback” made the Top 10 on the iTunes country charts in Australia so if you like the music video and most importantly the sound and you want to buy a copy then go no further than this link.

AMA will continue to report on Cassidy-Rae’s music news as it comes to hand.

Burning Love heats up YouTube

November 18 2019

Ivana Raymonda’s rendition of Elvis’ “Burning Love” has delivered her a 227,000 views in under three weeks.

The song is three-quarters of the way to 1,000 Thumbs Up ratings which shows that people are paying attention to what they see on YouTube lists etc.

When comparing the number of Thumbs Up ratings to Thumbs Down ratings, the Thumbs Up vote has 83% of the combined total.

The video quality is really sharp and the sound is good, it has been noticed that the vocals still has that dream like sound that has been around for years and are part of the package that Ivana delivers.

It is the seventh music video in a row that has no less than 200,000 views ensuring that 2019 is going to end solidly in terms of views and getting fans.

AMA will continue to report on Ivana’s music news as it comes to hand.

Sophie covers ‘Graveyard’

November 18 2019

Sophie Miriam has today released a new cover music video for her fans and the generally curious to check out.

The song is called ‘Graveyard’ and it was originally released by Halsey in 2019 and Sophie gives the song a crack by doing a Piano backed version of the song.

This version sounds good, Sophie is really easy to hear and the song is easy to follow as well which makes it really good.

Video quality is excellent with everything is sharp detail for those who like to take a good look at what is on screen.

The length of this music video is exactly three minutes which is said to be the perfect length that a song should be.

AMA will continue to report on Sophie’s music news as it comes to hand.

Welcome to Adult Music Alive

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