‘Throwback’ keeps going forward

November 19 2019

Cassidy-Rae’s music video to “Throwback” has been on YouTube for just under three weeks and it is doing alright.

It has been rated 50 times and has an approval rating of 95% which must be pretty satisfying as you can’t do much betterĀ than that when it comes to public approval.

The music video is a very interesting video, there is a lot of different locations there, there is some age progression and there a bit of dancing of the classic, tender kind too among other things.

A lot of effort appears to have been put into the music video and hopefully production was as fun as it looks.

It is highly likely that time will reward Cassidy-Rae with viewing totals of ‘Throwback’ being in the tens of thousands or higher.

“Throwback” made the Top 10 on the iTunes country charts in Australia so if you like the music video and most importantly the sound and you want to buy a copy then go no further than this link.

AMA will continue to report on Cassidy-Rae’s music news as it comes to hand.


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