Looking back and then forward

January 8 2019

It is amazing to see that it has been three years since Alexa released the music video for her song ‘Skin Deep’.

Firstly, it doesn’t feel like it has been three years but the stats don’t lie, it has been three years since the video came out and it so far has over 3,300 views.

Alexa is now a yoga teacher as well as being in Social Media Marketing for Wellness which is something important for millions of people around the world.

She still sings as people have seen on her social media videos which is always good to see as she can sing really well.

Her Instagram account (alexarachelyoga) is followed by 3,500+ people and businesses etc which is a great number and if you ever want to know how flexible the human body can get then it is the place for you.

Hopefully one day she’ll make a new YouTube video displaying her but if that doesn’t happen then there is always all the yoga videos to watch and learn from.


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