Cassidy-Rae’s Hits

September 27 2021

Cassidy-Rae has had a great 2021 even with all the COVID lockdowns that have restricted her ability to get out there and impress people with her music in person .

“Cheers Y’All” reached over 100,000 views and became her most watched music video when it passed “More” which has just over 102,000 views, the song has just over 88,000 plays on Spotify.

“Dose Of You” came along and it has picked up 60,300+ views which is good enough for fifth on her all time most viewed list of music videos, it also has just over 54,000 plays on Spotify.

Next came “Meant To Be” and this song has graced the charts of several countries showing that Cassidy-Rae has international interest and enough people to secure at least for a short amount a time a place on music charts.

“Meant To Be” has recorded just over 23,000 plays on Spotify.

A music video for ” Meant To Be” is in the works and this video could land anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 views or even higher, it may also result in a boost of music sales or streams which is always good news.

AMA will continue to report on Cassidy-Rae’s music news as it comes to hand.


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