Introducing Bette Foord to AMA

November 15 2021

Bette Foord is a person who has many interests in life and is a big hearted person who is very smart, is quite caring about people and supports a wide variety of issues and people.

Bette describes herself as a YouTuber, a musician, a vocal tutor, spoonie and a Pin-Up enthusiast and the latter gives people a good look at something that has endured since the nineteenth century.

But this report is about her music and Bette has made quite a lot of music with listeners able to hear it in a wide variety of locations.

Bette is on all the big places like Apple Music, Spotify, Triple J UnEarthed and SoundCloud plus Bette has TikTok, Twitter and even a Patreon as Bette strives towards building up her music career and as you know a music career takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of money and a lot of good equipment.

One person who has helped teach Bette about music in the past is Jamie Redfern, he was on popular TV show Brian and the Juniors in the late 1960’s, was an original member of Young Talent Time in 1971, toured countries with Liberace post Young Talent Time, he was voted King of Pop in 1974 (TV Week Award) and was a hit maker with The Wiggles with Hot Poppin’ Popcorn among other things.

Bette has twelve singles and on EP on Apple Music so there’s no shortage of music to choose from and they all have a variety of topics too.

Bette’s most recent video is a cover of Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” and it is a special song to Bette as that feeling is that exactly what Bette is feeling due to a life change.

A recent original music video of Bette’s is “Front Door” and you can see it above, if you are a YouTube member consider giving it a like.

The song runs for four minutes and sixteen-seconds and it has fantastic audio and visual quality so you can see how much Bette is into music

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.


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