Molly’s Atomic Success

November 18 2021

Molly Ash made it on to the Atomic 100 in 2020 with her song “Daisies” and fans hoped that she would make it on to the Atomic 100 again in 2021.

For those who don’t know, the Atomic 100 is an end of year chart that calculates all the sales, streams, likes, reposts and comments etc. on the Atomic music platform and those figures help shape the Atomic 100.

The good news is that Molly did indeed make it onto the Atomic 100 again with “Daisies” once again gracing the end of year chart but she also has a second song on the list too with “Tried To Love You” reaching No. 56.

Can “Daisies” make it on to the Atomic 100 for a third year? Could three or even all four songs enter the Atomic 100 in 2022?

You can help by visiting and playing once every couple of weeks Molly’s songs, you can further help by creating an Atomic account and giving each song a like, a repost and leaving a comment, all four song links are below.

Tried To Love You
Beautiful Smile
Believing in Love Again

AMA will continue to report on Molly’s music news as it comes to hand.


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