Bette’s Chart Comeback

January 20 2022

Last week it looked like Bette Foord’s run in the Atomic Top 20 was coming to a close as the majority of her songs made their exit from the chart after a couple of strong weeks there.

This week was a different story as we saw her songs make a comeback with three songs making it and those five songs and their positions now occupying spots are below;

Sh*tty Leaders at #17
Daddy at #19
Queen Daddy at #20

On the outside looking in is The Garden, Wear A Mask and “Dirty Talk” but they come back next week depending on the level of fan support and the generally curious who click on the links to give the songs a play.

Bette got to experience her songs being played on Atomic earlier this week and the experience was recorded on Instagram and you could so clearly see Bette’s delight as she hears her songs being introduced and played to people online and in four Australian states.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.


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