Music from Stella Prince

If you’re looking for a recording artist to like, then give Stella Prince a try.

Stella left AMA a message on Instagram with a YouTube link and so in curiosity I checked out her music, it ended up being a good decision.

Above is the music lyric video to ‘Eighteen’ and most if not, all readers here would know all about the challenges of life at that particular time, for many people school would be just months away from completion and then it is out into the big, wide world.

Even before going into the big, wide world there are car licenses to think about, relationship status to consider, final grades to strive for, the question of further education or not and so much more.

What we’ve got here is a song that is very relatable and one that has a sound that sounds comforting, it sounds pleasant, classic even and that is a good thing.

Readers can also check out Stella’s music on Spotify with the song “The Rain Might Fall” currently having a total of 132,468 listens.

AMA will continue to report on Stella’s music news as it comes to hand.


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