Will Ivana’s 100k Streak Continue?

February 3 2021

We last checked out Ivana Raymonda’s progress last June and she was in the middle of a long streak of music videos receiving over 100,000 views and that streak is still going on today.

The last music video of Ivana’s to not reach 100,000 views was her rendition of “Love Letters”, a song which was made famous by Elvis and is a good one as I do enjoy Elvis’ rendition of the song.

“Starlight” is Ivana’s latest music video release, it is an original composition of hers and it is currently just short of 58,000 views at this present time of writing and making its way towards the 100,000 view mark.

It must be nice to have easy access to such beautiful scenery that we see in her music videos, imagine the fun a kid could have there just as long as they don’t get lost among the tall trees.

It will be interesting to see how long this streak will last, it could last many more years as Ivana seems to be more and more popular with each passing year.

AMA will continue to report on Ivana’s music news as it comes to hand.


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