Cassidy-Rae sings Hallelujah

April 13 2021

Cassidy-Rae has been a busy person these last few months, she performs to her many fans several times a week across the many social media platforms out there singing them a lot of songs of all kinds.

She has also found time recently to release a new music video over Easter and it is a fantastic choice with the song being “Hallelujah”, a thought fans would of thought when they saw the video as it has been a while since a music video has been posted.

It’s a two minute and eleven second song so you can watch this when you do have two minutes to spare, the video is sharp quality, it sounds good and the background looks fantastic, it must be a great place.

The music video is closing in on 10,000 views and it should do so pretty soon which is always a good thing.

Hopefully we’ll see more music videos pop up in the future as it is always good to write about them.

AMA will continue to report on Cassidy-Rae’s music as it comes to hand.


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