Cherelle returns to Atomic Countdown

December 8 2021

December is well and truly here and we should always have some cheer during this month to away with the stresses of getting the perfect Christmas lunch and the right presents.

The good news is that Cherelle has brought some Christmas cheer by releasing “Dear Santa“.

“Dear Santa” has also been released on Atomic and her efforts have been rewarded with the song entering the Atomic Countdown chart at No. 15.

Cherelle has had great times on the Atomic Countdown with her 2021 efforts being rewarded with three entries in the Atomic 100 that celebrated the one hundred most popular songs on Atomic over the course of the year.

Fans and the generally curious can help Cherelle out and get some good music in at the same time for themselves by just clicking on the “Dear Santa” link at the beginning of this piece and playing the song just the once (plus more for your own enjoyment), doing this will help propel the song up the Atomic Countdown chart.

AMA will continue to report on Cherelle’s news as it comes to hand.


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