Bette’s Atomic Success

December 13 2021

Bette Foord is having a great run on the Atomic Countdown at this present time.

How good is Bette doing at the moment? Bette’s songs occupy almost a quarter of the twenty spots on the Countdown so listeners on Tuesday night can tune in to Atomic Music Australia on the MyTuner Radio App, use their website or listen on Atomic’s website at either 5pm or 10pm ADST to find out where Bette has landed on the charts for this week.

Fans can help the songs rise up or maintain their position on the chart by listening to each of the songs once and they can sign up for a free Atomic account to purchase a copy of any of Bette’s songs as well as giving the songs a like and a repost by pressing on those two options.

Below are links to seven of Bette’s songs that are available on Atomic, please note you will need to use Microsoft Edge to listen to Dirty Talk for some quirky reason but that issue is getting looked at.

Queen Daddy
Wear A Mask
Sh*tty Leaders
The Garden
Dirty Talk
Auld Lang Syne

There’s more too, you can listen to Bette’s Christmas album on Atomic too so there is plenty of Bette to listen to on Atomic.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.


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