Two in the Top Five for Bette

March 2 2022

Bette Foord continues to enjoy having her songs on the Atomic Top 20 with four of her songs making the chart this week.

Those four songs are The Snapchat Song, Father’s Day, You Know Me and Rowing On The Lake.

“Rowing On The Lake” at No. 3

Rowing On The Lake” is the highest place song as it holds No. 3 on the chart, followed by “You Know Me” at No. 5, “Father’s Day” is charting at No. 16 and “The Snapchat Song” is right behind at No. 17.

These songs and the full Atomic Top 20 are heard daily on Atomic Radio at 5pm and 10pm NSW time plus the Top 20 is played on FM radio stations that air the Top 20 on their stations.

Click on the above links and give each song a listen, just the one will do and if you want to join Atomic to give the song a like and a repost then please do so to give the songs extra support.

AMA will continue to report on Bette’s music news as it comes to hand.


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