Cassidy-Rae’s Top 6 Original Music Videos (March 2022)

March 10 2022

We taken a look at Cassidy-Rae Wilson’s music videos back in November 2021 to see how they were going.

Now we’re in March 2022 and we’re taking a look at how well they are going with the Top 6 again based on view totals with the list going from No. 1 to No. 6 followed by a look at “Amazing” which is the most recent music video.

No. 1 is “Cheers Y’all” and this song delivered Cassidy-Rae her second 100,000+ view video, this music video is unique as it does have fan participation in it, a lot of fan participation as you will see.

This music video was 93 views away from the 106,000 views range and it has made it there and now sits at 106,314.

“More” was the first Cassidy-Rae music video to reach 100,000 views and this song is considered to be beautiful as the word was used seventeen times in YouTube comments.

Last time we checked it was 102 views away from reaching 103,000 views and it has reached that mark and sits at 103,031 views to comfortably sit at No. 2.

“Just Smile” came along in November 2015 and it has 86,529 views at this present time so it has less than 15,000 to go to reach 100,000 views.

“Just Smile” has the second highest amount of Thumbs Up ratings out of the six music videos shown today.

Smiling is considered contagious so if you need to be cheered up, this music video may do that for you.

“I’m On Vacation” was a 2020 release and this music video tells the story of office life and that vacation is just a doorway away from happening and in Cassidy-Rae’s case it did happen.

The song currently has 75,121 views at this time of writing so it has passed three quarters of the way to entering triple figures and now all that is left is the climb to 100,000.

“Dose Of You” comes in at No. 5 in the Top 6 with a current total of 60,885 views.

This video is known for its twist at the end, if you haven’t seen it before Cassidy-Rae is waiting for someone to come but is it the person or what that person has that Cassidy-Rae wants? Check it out.

Coming in at No. 6 is “Meant To Be” and this one has 58,989 views so it should cross into the 59,000 range within days.

This video out of the six has the highest total of Thumbs Up ratings with six hundred and forty-three.

Most recent music video “Amazing” has just over 32,000 views and it premiered on February 19 2022 so it is most likely still making its way to Cassidy’s many fans and should make it into the Top 6 in the near future.

We’ll check back in three to six months to see if the Top 6 has changed.


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