An interview with Bette Foord

We caught up with Bette Foord over the last couple of weeks to talk about her success on Atomic, the importance of fan support, her upcoming shows and more.

Today (May 7) was a big day for you, you scored your first No. 1 song on Atomic, tell us all about that moment.

Yes! Holy shit! Haha I’m beyond happy. I’m completely over the moon. A goal of mine, earlier in the year, was to get in the top 5, and then the top 3. I hoped & dreamed but never exprcted to get number 1! It’s just…ah, a dream come true! Truly. I can’t thank my supporters, enough.

You ended up having six of the songs that made up the Top 20, did you feel like one of The Beatles with such success?

Hahaha I think if I agreed to that, Ringo & Paul would kick my arse haha.
I felt incredibly lucky & very supported.

How important is it for your family and fans to come to Atomic and sign up to give your songs a listen, a like, a repost and hopefully make a purchase or two as well?

As it’s important to me – I hope it’s important to them, too! They always support me and I really appreciate it. It makes me so happy when someone tells me they’re listening/buying my songs on Atomic.

Every week you inch closer towards getting the Radium award from Atomic, what would it feel like to be awarded one in the future?

O my gosh, I would just be over the moon. The fact that even one person enjoys my music makes me happy but to get so much support to reach RADIUM!? Oof, I think I’d pass out with happiness haha.

You’ve got a busy month ahead of you with a stack of shows to perform including ones where you are performing for a good cause, tell us all about them

Yes, I do! I’m “Going Pink” all June for National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise funds and awareness of Breast Cancer. I’m performing at a few venues around Melbourne and some virtual gigs (in my vintage pink nightgowns which perfectly match my pink hair! Haha). I actually originally dyed my hair pink a few years ago when I first fundraised for NBCF when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Mum is doing well & is also a musician so it seemed only fitting to fundraise by performing considering mum is a performer, too!

Check out Bette’s NBCF page below for more information on her upcoming fundraising performances and you can make a donation there too.

Join Atomic for free by visiting and then search for Bette to give her songs a like, a repost and a listen and if you like to make a purchase to help keep Bette on the chart.


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