Cassidy-Rae’s Top 6 Original Music Videos (November 2022)

November 8 2022

We had taken a look at Cassidy-Rae Wilson’s music videos back in November 2021 to see how they were going.

We then looked again in March 2022 to see how things were and we’re back to take a look at how well they are going in November 2022.

Cheers Y’all has moved up from 106,314 views to 107,095 views so it has advanced almost a thousand views since March this year to retain its No. 1 position.

“More” was at 103,031 views in March and it has moved up to 103,284 since then which is a small number but hopefully it will pick up again soon.

“Just Smile” had 86,529 views in March and now it has 86,753 views so it hasn’t moved a whole lot in recent months.

“I’m On Vacation” had 75,121 views in March and is now at 75,878 so it’s picked up a could of hundred views and should be into the seventy-six thousand range or higher next March.

“Cheers Y’all (Acoustic)” was not added last time probably because the main version is already in the Top 6 but we’ve added it for this count.

It currently has 63,268 views and we’ll see how it goes in March 2023.

“Dose of You” had 60,885 views and it now has 61,251 views so it has picked up a couple of hundred views.

This year’s releases “Amazing” and the lyric video for “Damn It Feels Right” sit ninth and fourteenth on the all time list.

So this is how everything stands in November 2022, anything can happen between now and March 2023 and hopefully it is all good things.


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