Bette Gets Fourteen In The Atomic Hundred

December 3 2022

An artist on Atomic would be happy if one of their songs makes the Atomic Hundred for this year and Bette Foord had the same thoughts as a lot of great artists had good runs on the Atomic chart throughout the year and nothing was certain.

Bette got a massive surprise when fourteen of her songs were played between 60th and 100th, imagine that 14% of the list all to yourself which may annoy people for having so much but you’re there because you put yourself in the running to be there.

Last year, artists recommended to try Atomic by YMA or AMA (Ms. Elly, Jaycob Riley, Molly Ash, Bette Foord, Awaking Tyler and Tamsin Otway) and combined for eleven songs in the one hundred, Bette matched that all by herself and more.

Bette’s success is proof that if dedicated fans keep coming back to Atomic to stream her music, to like the songs or purchase them then success is going to happen.

Today (December 3) is International Day of People With Disabilities (IDPWD), this is a day that is really important to Bette.

Lastly her latest single, “Sometimes, I Hate My Body” was spotlighted by Atomic making more people aware of the song and also being aware of Dysautonomia.


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