The Music of Rainie Zenith

December 5 2022

Today we are checking out the music of Rainie Zenith, Rainie came to AMA’s attention as Bette Foord is a follower of what Rainie gets up to.

Rainie has a five track EP out titled “Live at the Workers Club ’22” and it runs for thirteen minutes and six seconds which is a nice length.

Above is “Pushing Thirty” and it is one of the performances that is on the EP so not only do you have the chance to hear the songs but also see them being performed.

It is a great performance, it is energetic and Rainie is very expressive in the performance, the video has great production values too.

Reading through her website, I cannot help but agree with the belief that “our differences are what make us interesting” for if we were all the same then life would be pretty boring.

Her website is nice and colourful, it is very pleasing to see and it should make people want to take a look around.

It also says that Rainie was diagnosed as having Autism late in life, this is relatable as I was diagnosed as being on the Spectrum in my early thirties and it opened up my world greatly once I understood why I am how I am, the pressure was off me so if somebody gets diagnosed as being Autistic or on the spectrum late in life, don’t take it badly, everything will be ok.

If you are a Spotify user, you can listen to the EP by clicking/tapping on this link, also available is her debut single “Reasons To Hate Me” and second single “Wet Black Dream“.

AMA will continue to report on Rainie’s music news as it comes to hand.


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